What have I been up to..

ImageThe beauty in wedding deco

I’ve been extremely busy for the past 2 weeks. Things have been hectic in the office now that I’ve decided to take a leap of faith to another team. Besides work, I’m honored to have been called upon by a good friend to help with her wedding deco. That includes lots of ribbons, flowers and of course planning. Her wedding is in less than a week which we are ensuring that all wedding deco is being taken care of.

I’ve also been busy sewing up a blue dress for the church wedding as the theme is all about blue and white. So glad I’ve managed to come up with something and will be all ready after the finishing touches of hand stitching the hem line and the facing.

Meanwhile, before I show off the dress in hopefully my next post. Here’s some inspiration photos that got me started.


All photos credits to Pinterest

A short post and I better get back to settling everything before Monday. Monday blues…

Skipping out.. 🙂

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