Style meets Office wear


What makes stylish office wear?

Part of my wardrobe is catered to office wear which consist of easy to wear, easy to pair clothing. It is usually hectic for me in the mornings so anything that is fuss free works pretty well for me. So you can probably guess that I’m a ardent fan of dresses. The idea of not needing to match the top and the bottom sounds pretty awesome to me and all I need to do is accessorize the dress and I’m out of the house.

No. 8 The Shift Dress

I’ve always known that this type of dress is called a shift dress, but why a shift dress? A quick google reveals that this dress was popular in the 1960’s to celebrate a shift in culture where the dress represented the youthful, free and revolutionary attitudes of those times.

The Inspiration – Besides the A Line skirt, I think the next easiest to tackle would be a Shift dress which pretty much consist of a normal bodice block and a A Line skirt.

The Fabric – Something cheap from the store I’ll have to admit. As I did not know how the dress would turn out I didn’t want to experiment with something too fancy or difficult. You know me. So I chose a cotton checked print which is really easy to handle for a beginner like me.

The Look – Comfortable, easy to walk around in and yet looking smart enough to attend meetings on a non-eventful work day.


The Challenge – What can I say.. I think I’ve yet to master the art of sewing the facing. I don’t know why but I still find it hard to comprehend and I always manage to make a mess of things and I’ll have to unpick, think and start all over again which can get me quite frustrated. So help! anyone has any good ideas to share pls, ideas are most welcome!


Overall this is a comfortable piece and I am already thinking of replicating this. And what better way to practice makes perfect.

I really need to work on the facing. So happy sewing all and have a good week ahead friends..

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