HONG KONG – The land of Cantonese




Aloha friends, I’m back!

Hong Kong is the land of good food, great shopping (as good as in Singapore!) and trendy lifestyle. A not so relaxing getaway as we eat & shop, eat & shop but retail therapy always works.

Fabric District


Even when I’m conversant in Cantonese, i found it hard to get around the streets and figuring which street or shops sells cloth. Some shops may look intimidating from the outside but they actually have great stuff like lace ribbons, buttons etc.

Not all shops entertain walk-in customers as most of them are wholesales who only sells sample boards or cloth in bolts. But Moon Yue Piece Goods on Shek Kip Mei street was where I found great buys of pure silk and interesting prints. Most of all, the prices are really affordable, cheaper than our local fabric stores.

So how do you get there?

It’s easy to get anywhere in Hong Kong using the MTR. Taxi are readily available but most may only understand Cantonese, Mandarin and very simple English. So using the MTR, get on the red line and alight at Sham Shui Po station. When you get to the station, exit at A2 and walk on to Yu Chau street and Ki Lung street. Should you get lost like me, you can certainly pop into any shop and ask for directions. Some of the shop owners are nice people who points you at the right direction. I found it effective to comb to few streets and on both sides of the street and just pop into the shops whenever I found an interest because you will never know what you can find.

I’ll suggest going to the fabric district in the afternoon, wear comfortable shoes and bring lots of cash as most shops only accepts cash. Most would understand simple English so language shouldn’t be that much of a hassle.




My buys

Comparatively, fabric district in Taiwan and Hong Kong are very different. I might enjoy fabric shopping in Taiwan a little more because of the ease and that everything is in 1 building and plenty to see. Somehow I was kinda meek in Hong Kong and would only pop in when I really found something interesting. But of course, the ultimate fabric shopping experience for me was still in Paris. I should plan a post on that some day.

Meanwhile, it has been an extremely busy week since I arrive back from Hong Kong. A lot has been going on and I’ve been helping a friend with her DIY wedding deco so sewing has taken a backseat for awhile. Can’t wait to get back and finish my circle skirt. Moreover I’ve some plans and projects I’ll like to work on them soon.

So have a good week ahead friends. Eat healthy and happy sewing!

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