On my sewing table


Photo credit to Pinterest

All things pretty

The exciting thing about the sewing community online is that it is always interesting to see what each other are up to. I get to learn so much, be inspired and motivated by fellow sewist. It’s a community where you can have some creative output.

So when Tilly ask, what’s on your sewing table? I thought it was a good idea to share about what I have on my sewing table.


This light weight chiffon material is perfect for something frilly and girly. I’m always attracted to anything with polka dots so when I laid my eyes on this piece of fabric without much consideration, I went ahead to get it. I decided that this material would go well in a circle skirt which I drafted and am going to use elastic as the waist band. It’s a fairly easy pattern and is really quick to draft and cut. I’ll definitely share the method soon.


I also did some reading this weekend, I love to read by the way. My Life in France depicting Julia Child is genius and she is truly an inspiration. I can’t really cook but love to eat and after reading her book, I’ve the sudden urge to want to pick up the chopper and the pan and learn to cook French food.

I’ll be heading off for a short break this week which I’m looking forward too.

Happy Sewing friends! 🙂

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