Is there a dream wedding dress?


Every girl’s wish for a Vera Wang

When friends asks me about my dream dress I always finds it difficult to answer because I don’t have a dream dress. What I see when I flip through magazines or from the web are of tall pretty girls who always looked so good in what they wear. The dresses shown on runways or by renowned designers are pretty much flawless. Me, on the other hand amidst all other imperfections is on the petite size which not all dresses can fit me or looks good on me. Sometimes I feel like I am swimming in some dresses due to too much fabric.

I believe that a perfect dress has to be moulded and fitted to my body type and shape, one that can hide my flaws and flaunt my assets. Which is probably why a made-to-measure or bespoke dress would be ideal. Scouting for wedding dresses always sets me on the edge and gives me the jitters. All these questions are constantly present in my mind: “Is this the right shape for me?”, “Is this too much?”, “Is this too little?”, “Should I have bows?” and the questions goes on.

I guess I just needed to rant and learn to take one step at a time.

Criss-cross pleats and folds

This is such a dreamy dress with a sweetheart bustier top. I definitely like the pleats and folds which can certainly hide the belly.



Textures are probably one of the best ways to hide flaws, however too much texture and cloth may weight you down.


The Mermaid

As the name suggest, it exudes elegance and is totally romantic. My only complain about the mermaid is that it unforgiving if you have flaws you would like to hide.



Bows & Ribbons are one of my favourite. But If I’m not careful they can look tacky?

But I really like the back and the bow in this photo.


Ultimately I hope the jitters goes away and for me to trust the feeling in my heart and gut.

Hope to be back to the sewing room this weekend.

All photo credits to Google and Pinterest

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