Me and Peter Pan


My inspiration often comes from everywhere, from people I see on the streets, to magazines to purely surfing the web. So whenever I buys magazines and sees something nice from them, I’ll cut it up and stick it to my “lookbook” which is basically my sketchbook.


No. 7 Peter Pan with hearts

The Inspiration – I’m a fan of the Japanese magazine Vivi, everything and everyone looks pretty in there. I really like how the entire look looks in this photo especially so for the peter pan collar. I usually makes my own paper pattern, usually an adaptation from the basic bodice block and adjust to my desired pattern.



The Fabric – Ahh, this is interesting. I actually got this cotton fabric with hearts from France last April. Usually whenever I am on holiday, I always makes it a point to visit the local fabric district for interesting finds. It was no different when I went to France, however I wasn’t at all skilled in speaking French, a few words here and there I can do but I can’t hold a proper conversation in French but I’m glad I still managed to get really pretty cloth. These trips are always exciting.

The Look – My all time favourite combination of white and blue. You would also realized that I really like anything that is sleeveless which are so easy to sew!


The Challenge – The Peter Pan collar. Collars are always a test of workmanship. If it is done sloppily, you can tell that in one look and especially so for the Peter Pan since both side has to be asymmetrical and rounded. Tacking and ironing before each sew always works it’s magic.


Can’t wait to wear this to the office soon. This week is going to be yet another crazy week before I take a 4 day off with the bestie for mad shopping and feasting.

Have a good week ahead and happy sewing friends! 🙂

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