Summer has officially begun!


The best part about summer is an ice cold beer, some nachos and just relax by the beach..

As the weather starts getting hotter and hotter and turns erratic, when it becomes so humid you are constantly perspiring and becomes reliant on the air conditioning. You know that summer has begun.

While it’s hot all year round here but June gets really unbearable and that’s when all my shorts and frilly summer clothes starts appearing. So this weekend, I brought my lace shorts out to wear.


The last time I spoke about this shorts I didn’t have pictures of me wearing it so there you have it. 🙂

This weekend has been productive. I’ve run all the errands I was supposed to do, decided on my bridal studio who will be providing my gown and got down to some sewing! I’m almost done with a piece which I can’t wait to write about it. Just because I haven’t finished that many items recently.

Another exciting thing was that this came through my mail:


My first ever pattern! And it’s a Sewaholic pattern. Boy am I excited to start drafting this..

I’ll like to hear your first experiences with patterns and if you are as excited as me! Have a great week ahead friends.


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