Queen of Spades


What makes a Kate Spade girl?

This couple of weeks have been rough with so many things going on that I feel like I’ve neglected the sewing department. I’ve been slow in my execution and dissipating creativity. So whenever I feel like I need a booster in the creativity department, I’ll surf the web till I get it all back.

Meanwhile, what got me hooked is the inspiration inflow when looking at all this photos of Kate Spade. So what makes a Kate Spade girl? I think the Kate Spade girl is bold and she likes colours. She probably aspire to lead an interesting and exhilarating life and totally likes travel and adventure, arts and literature. Prints, bows, polka dots and glitters makes up her and being that fashionista, she is not afraid to be in the limelight – the center of attraction. Quiet confidence makes her stand out from the crowd and illuminates her in the dark.

What started off as a small business with Kate the designer immersing in creating accessories and bags has now became an international brand with the newly launched Kate Spade Saturday targeting at optimistic, casual, simple silhouette pieces for every day wear; seven days a week.

I wouldn’t deem Kate Spade as just another bag or clothing store; it’s a lifestyle! Celebrating life and confidence, anything is possible.




All photo credits to Pinterest


This i took while I past by the shop a long time ago and got all excited because I saw my name there. HAHA!

I find great affinity between me and this brand as I’m often drawn to their colours and prints. I like the style and I particularly like the bows, the glitters and the polka dots. One day, I’ll hope to incorporate these inspired thoughts and ideas into my sewing and celebrate the quiet confidence.


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