Random musings of my weekend


Weddings can be scary with what seems like 1 million and 1 things to think about and plan for. The stress of decisions making and the constant fear of whether you’ve thought through enough of what you intend to do. But what’s exciting is also the burst of ideas and inspirations of what you could do to make your wedding uniquely yours.

So, this weekend I accompanied a friend to get cloth and ribbons decorative for her church wedding and I’ve also decided to put my love for sewing and crafting to good use by making DIY projects for my wedding. First up, the save the dates cards.

How can I resist from buying anything I could potentially work with when craft shopping. I got these really cute ribbons which I’m sure I can do something with and also these polka dotted cloth. I’m thinking of a frilly skirt or something along those lines..


I had to squeeze in some sewing time between planning a wedding, helping a friend, preparing for my week’s lunch and random stuff.

I feel that because I’ve given myself a challenge at the start of the year, I should stick by it. No way am I going to be procrastinating and then lament at the end of the year that I hadn’t met my resolutions. It’s tough especially when there are alot to juggle at 1 time. But I’ll have faith and persevere. Do you also feel the same?


I’ll love to hear how you prioritize and juggle all your tasks and how you manage to make more sewing time. Have a great week ahead friends. 🙂

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