How to sew a pouch


Credits to Pinterest

Pretty in Pink

What do you do when you are feeling in the dumps after one very stressful day at work? For me, this will be what I’ll likely be doing:

– Curl up like a cat, feel self pity and lick my wounds (ok, I’m exaggerating)

– Open a pack of potato chips, a bar of chocolate or a tub of ice-cream and indulge

– Watch a funny sitcom or any chick flicks and just rest the mind

– Surf the web and look at pretty pictures 🙂

– SEW! (which I wasn’t able to do so today)

– or just journal. Writing always calms me down and makes me feels better.

So, feel free to share some stress buster methods with me..

As promised, here’s a simple how-to in making a pouch. It is so easy and great as gifts or even for personal use. I’ve plenty of them segmented to their different functions like for cosmetics, electronic stuff like cables etc or for my Polaroid camera and more..

I’m sure it will be useful so let’s get started. Let’s go:

Step 1: Choose some cute fabric, it could be quilting cotton or scrapes left behind from previous projects or really any fabric you fancy. Then choose a matching zip, I typically prefer the normal zip compared to the invisible ones.

Step 2: Accordingly to the zip measurement, draft the pattern on the cloth. For eg. if my zip is 7 inches, I’ll draw a square of 6 inches on both length and width. You can of course play around with the measurements depending on your intended size of the pouch. To make things less complicated, I like a perfect square. Seam allowance on all sides would then be 1/2 a inch.


Step 3: Once you are satisfied with your pattern, cut it out. At this point, you can choose if you would like to use a facing or without. In this case, I went without the facing. Or else, cutting of the facing would be exactly the same as the main cloth. Remember to face the facing the correct side when ironing. Wrong side to sticky side.

Step 4: Prepare to attach the zip like the picture below.


Step 5: After the zip is done, join all 3 sides of the pouch and sew them together. You are actually done at this point!

Step 6: I prefer my pouches to have a broader base, so on both sides of the corners, make a triangle as shown in the photo. (may not be the best photo, I know) Calculate a 2 inch distance on side seam from the tip, draw a line with your chalk and sew according to the line. This will give your pouch a little base.


Step 7: Flip it all around, give it a good tug and a good press using the iron and you are done!

Here’ some photos of the completed version.




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