The Zip Monster


I’m working on my photography skills 🙂

Sewing the invisible zip can be daunting and scary! So when I googled “sewing zips” and of all the results that were populated, many fellow sewists had the same sentiments, it certainly made me relieved knowing that I wasn’t alone.

To me, it’s not the technique of sewing the zip that is challenging, it’s the concept I fail to grapple with. There was one time, I sat in front of my dress, one hand with the pins and other with the invisible zip, turning and twisting trying to get it to work for a whole 20 mins. At the end of it, I became so frustrated I had to walk away with disdain and come back to tackle it when I was ready.

So here’s what I realized:

1)  Practice Practice Practice – When they say, practice makes perfect. It’s true!

2) Trial and error – Because it’s the concept I am struggling with, I had to meddle with it till i fully get the concept on how the invisible zip works. So i’ll pin it, flip it to the right side and try to zip it up. If it works, I know I am on the right track.


I’ll draw a faint line on the right side of the cloth and ensure the jagged side of the zip is facing the chalk line. 

3) Tacking – Especially with softy fabric, skipping laziness and tacking the zip would be wise.


4) Notes taking – Once I get it right, I take a couple of photos and notes about it so that I can remember it the next time I try to fix an invisible zip

5) My beloved presser foot – By far, this trusty thing has gotten me far. Attaching the zip with this precious foot has been made easy.


So there you have it, my take on the invisible zip. I’ll likely do a proper tutorial on this topic if there are fellow sewists who feel the same way and would like to research on the different methods of attaching the zip.

Meanwhile, it’s gonna be a busy weekend upcoming and I hope to get some sewing time.

Have a great mid week!

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