The birth of the LBD


Credits to google

The birth of the Little Black Dress is probably the greatest invention in the fashion history. Whenever I think of the LBD, 2 greatest woman who epitomized the standard of the LBD comes to mind and they are Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn. Though Chanel did not come up with the LBD concept but she definitely had a part to play in formalizing it and made it a fashion statement and wardrobe essential. As for Audrey, I mean who can ever forget her in the black Givenchy LBD in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

So here’s my very own version of this wardrobe essential.

No. 6 The Little Black Dress


The Inspiration – I don’t where’s the link is but it did evolve from admiring some sparkling beaded appliques on a black jacket. I then decided I wanted some sparkling appliques on a black dress too. So I reused the princess cut pattern and made a black dress outta it. But haven’t been able to find the kind of sparkling appliques I wanted. Anyone has any good recommendations?

The Fabric – Cotton; normal black cheap cotton from the local fabric shop and some black silk lining to line the skirt.

The Look – So comfy and so easy to wear. Definitely a piece that can bring you from day to night depending on how you accessories it. From flats to heels, from casual to bling.


The Challenge – Realization from sewing this piece that sewing actually does character building. I’ve always been very outcome driven. I like to know when I can wear a new dress and marvel at the end result. But sewing this piece really tested my patience and taught me to enjoy the process more that the outcome. I almost gave up, raise the white flag or just raise my hands in exasperation as I unpicked so many times I thought I had ruin the fabric! Some days the sewing monster comes and you realized why there are so many imperfections that you couldn’t live with, and had to unpick to sew again. I’m glad I persevered and now I’ve a new dress to wear.


I just received my next project in the mail and I’m excited to share once that is done 🙂 During the weekend I also managed to sew a few pouches for my friends which I’m hoping to do a tutorial on if there’s interest. Oh, and I caught Aerosmith in concert too! Wooo hooo!!

Have a great week ahead all.. happy sewing!

6 pieces down, 19 pieces more to go

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