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During my trip to Taiwan, besides combing the night markets for interesting and tasty street food, shopping in cute boutique stores and finding the fabric store, I stumbled upon the Cath Kidston store tucked in a secluded alley which I almost missed. Boy, was I glad to have found the store as there wasn’t one back home in Singapore.

Cath Kidston has been such an inspiration to me when it comes to fabric patterns and prints. I absolutely adore the colour play and the nostalgic flowery or polka dotted prints. I did a quick google on her and realized that her now multi-million dollar empire started from her selling hand-embroidered tea towels, vintage fabrics and furniture. It’s amazing how she grew a small business to that of this size and magnitude and having that global presence of today. And all that right in the middle of recession!


This gives me much comfort to know that anything is possible even the smallest of dreams. When you have faith that it may and will become something important or worthwhile, one day it might just be it. Sometimes, when opportunity strikes that’s when you close your eyes and take a leap of faith.

I’m looking forward to this long weekend as it’s Vesak Day (public holiday! yay!) in Singapore. I’ve a BBQ party to attend on Friday and many sewing plans for this weekend.

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