#5 I can’t get enough of Prints


Sunny Sunday

It’s absolutely right to say that it can get quite awkward to blog about myself and what I wear but I guess that’s part of what this is all about when I endeavour to record down all my little projects, right? I’ve been pretty busy since recovering from the nasty flu and would have love more sewing time during the weekends.However weekends always managed to pass by in a flash and before I know it, it’s the work week! I need to focus and prioritize though there are some awesome movies showing pretty soon which I should get the fiance out for a date night. I think I deserve it?

I’ve been filled with plenty of new ideas for some awesome projects this week which I hope to get to it this weekend. Crossing my fingers.

#5 Geometric Prints

The Inspiration – Funny how the inspiration of this dress came about. It actually came from buying a similar dress online except that it didn’t quite turn out the way I’ve hope for it to be. It was way too sheer and too short for comfort but I really liked the cut-in at the shoulders and the lightness of the fabric hence I decided to re-create my very own version of the dress. Am proud to say I managed to study the dress, made some tweaks and drew my very own pattern.

The Fabric – Are you bored of my prints yet? I certainly hope not. I got this geometric printed fabric by chance after browsing through some samples at my local fabric store without a clue of what I would be doing with it. But of course the vibrancy and soft touch of this material got me sold. I don’t really know what this is called though, polyester?

The Look – I’m not sure if you can tell by the photo but it’s really comfortable and the dress falls nicely and swish around nicely when I walk. The highlight is definitely the cut-in at the shoulders, kinda accentuate my shoulders which makes me happy.

The Challenge – Well, it has to be the cloth. Such a comfortable material is soft and silky which makes it really hard to handle. I have to be really meticulous and careful not to tug it too taut when sewing or else I would have totally destroyed the shape of the dress. And not forgetting that I fully lined this which means extra careful when sewing it.

Despite the small challenge, I’ve no regrets in choosing and working with this material when you see the end results. Puts a smile on my face!



Here’s a photo of the view from my bedroom, missed out on an afternoon swim this weekend.


5 down, 20 more to goooo…

Have a good week ahead 🙂

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