#4 I love dresses! Do you?


In love with dresses!

I’m sick this week, down with a nasty flu. Boo! Maybe because the weather is so menacing as it has gotten so hot. Can’t believe we are going into summer already! However in Singapore, it’s sunny all year round so it shouldn’t affect much but I like to think we have seasons too. Like it’s extremely hot & humid during June/July and cools off in Aug/Sep and gets all rainy & wet when we approaches Nov/Dec and warms itself again come Feb/Mar.

Journaling always makes me happy so while I nurse my drowsy head I’ve put together my latest sewing project, the Princess Cut Dress with a gathered skirt. Journaling also keeps me away from the insanity corporate work life, even when I’m sick I still receives tons of text messages regarding work!

#4 Princess Cut Dress 

The Inspiration – I’m hooked onto sewing dresses, they are easy to wear especially on a work day where you need not worry about what top/bottom to match it with. So the signs were clear that I have to sew more dresses! After challenging the shift dress, the next thing my sewing teacher told me was that I needed to learn how to sew a Princess Cut Dress. To make it a little more girly, I chose a pattern that included the princess cut and the gathered skirt joined at the waist.

The Fabric – Prints! I absolutely adore prints and I love Japanese cotton for as i’m a amateur sewist, I needed and feel great comfort when my material is something easy to work with. Japanese cotton is soft to the touch and the prints are always so pretty.

The look – Princess cut for sure but I was kinda worried how the dress may fit now that I added the component of the gathered skirt at the waist. I could end up looking like a tree with thick waist. However I still took the plunge and proceeded sewing! And ta-dah, the end result..



The Challenge – Ooh.. I’ll have to say the gathered skirt. I lost count on the number of times I had to unpick the whole thing because the cloth just keep getting bunched up when I sew. It didn’t fan out nicely and I kept getting pieces here and there stuck together. But of course with much determination and plenty of pulling and tugging to make sure it spans out nicely I managed to attached it nicely.



Overall I’m really happy with how this turned up, bonus points for not looking like a tree in it and I’m in the midst of replicating this since this has become such a staple in my wardrobe.

4 pieces down, 21 pieces 7 more months to go. Gasp! 7 months?! I better start getting the wedding preparations started too.

Drink lots of water and get more rest friends and do share with me if you liked this dress 🙂

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