#3 Sunny Side Up


What does cupcakes and dressmaking have in common?

I’ve been trying extremely hard to resist all sweet treats since the wedding is less than a year away however i’ve never been quite successful in this department. I found it difficult to walk away from this vanilla cupcake with strawberry buttercream this afternoon and decided to indulge in one.

Why i’m posting this photo here, besides it being super yummy i also feel a connection between cupcakes and dressmaking. I get very excited, happy and definitely spoilt for choice looking at the various flavours of cupcakes and decide like a kid at the candy store on the cupcake i’ll like to have. i study the content intently, do i feel like i want the one with cream cheese, or the chocolate cake or the one with the mashmellows as the topping. The vibrancy and colourful exterior of the cupcakes always manage to make me stop in my tracks and take a second look. After one mouth, ahh bliss! That to me is very much alike the process of dressmaking. I enter the fabric shop in awe and fascination as i plough through rolls and rolls of colourful and beautiful fabric. Once i’ve set my sight on the perfect piece, i start to think if i should construct a dress, a skirt, a blouse or what? I get to ponder and think if i should have buttons to go with or a zip, should i get pockets? When all careful calibration is done, i leave the shop satisfied and begin work in the workroom. The excitement when you see that the piece is near completion is enough to make me take umpteen looks at it. And when it is finally done, pure admiration. I find the process absolutely therapeutic.

#3 Shorts with lace overlay

The Inspiration – As we are fast approaching summer and the sun is glaring on our sunny island, it’s time for the shorts to come out and play. Remember last post where i spoke about making a lace shorts, yes! So with what’s left of making the dress i knew i had to transform it into the shorts as well.

The Fabric – The only change to the material used was the piece under the lace. Alike the dress, i thought it would be easier to make an overlay piece, simply to tack them together and sew. I learnt my lesson from the lace dress. I wanted the shorts to be totally airy, comfy and easy to move around hence i chose a thinner piece of cotton white for the cloth beneath the lace. In fact, i actually ran out of lace and had to run back to the shop to get more. Thank goodness they still have some left. I realized it would be good to envision all the pieces you would like to make out of the same cloth so that you can plan better when purchasing cloth. I’m now left with almost half a yard of lace which i intend to use them in one of my next creations.

The Look – Short, airy, fitting was all i needed this pair to be. What’s important is what i can match this with. I haven’t quite found what i can match it with in my wardrobe yet, will take a picture and show once i’ve found something. My top can’t be too long or else it would have totally compromised the details.


The Challenge – Ooh.. definitely the crotch area. As this is my first time attempting a pair of shorts, i had a lot of issue with sewing the crotch area, making sure the tension is just right and that the seams are properly sewn together. I’ve also realized that I should never use pink chalk on white cloth else it leaves ugly marks which i’ll have to get rid of.

Overall, i’ll love to replicate this pair of shorts again and improve my workmanship.

3 down, 22 pieces 8 more months to go.

Have a good week ahead friends. Whoever that is reading of course. 🙂

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