#2 Everyone loves some Lace


Credits to Pinterest

Pure Elegance.

# 2 Shift Dress with Lace Overlay

The Inspiration – Lace to me is always associated with wedding gowns. It exudes elegance, charm and is absolutely romantic. I chance upon so many beautiful lace pieces as i was browsing and researching for THE wedding gown (boy, are they costly too!). So because of that i decided i needed some lace in my wardrobe so i took a trip down to my local fabric complex in search for some lace to make a pair of shorts.

The Fabric – The piece i chose was a pure white printed lace which is really soft to the touch. Because lace are generally holey, it catches on things pretty easily hence I have to be really careful with hooks and any sharp objects. I decided that i wanted it to be a overlay and so I bought a stiffer cotton fabric to go with. The lace is pretty and so soft and silky that I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied with just a pair of shorts so i bought enough cloth for a shift dress too!

The Look – I’ve always preferred a round neck to a V neck so it’s no surprise that i chose a round neck for this dress. However, i wanted a dress to be able to show off my shoulders so i did a ‘cut in’ instead. The stiff cotton material under the lace also gave the dress much structure. I kept it short and slightly loose at the waist so that i can pair it with a belt or secretly creating some space for more desserts.


The Challenge – In my opnion definitely the lace material. As it was my first time handling lace, i was lazy and didn’t tack the lace and cotton together before i sewed them. Little did I know the lace starting running and elongated with my taut pull. I was at the verge of pulling my hair out from unpicking and being so afraid of creating holes in my cloth. Enough was enough, i decided not to take any more chances, unpicked everything and tacked them together before i started sewing all over again. It went so much smoother thereafter. 🙂

Overall this piece has inspired me to experiment more using lace and i’ll try to be bolder in my next lace creation. The coming week is going to be hectic and I certainly hope to be able to squeeze in some sewing time.  

2 down 23 more creations to go… 🙂

Lace. Definitely Romantic.

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