Who could resist pretty earrings


Credits to Kate Spade & Google

All things lovely all things pretty.

The Inspiration – Definitely a pair of Kate Spade earrings which i have been eying for awhile now. i like how gold and black always seems to be a perfect match and how versatile it could it be. From day to night, from casual to glamour. Everytime i walk past a Kate Spade store, i’ll always stop to take a peak. Well, because i don’t intend to splurge on a pair right this instance, i’ve decided to make my very own gold & black versatile earrings.

The Method – Fairly easy and painless, did it in less than half an hour.


Step 1: Prepare the necessary tools for this task. A pair of pliers, a bottle of while glue (white glue are perfect if you don’t want the glue to leave a mark. You can consider using Elmer’s), a pair of buttons which would eventually become your earring. So i took a walk to my local button store and found the perfect pair of gold & black buttons. Oh and of course the backing of the earrings which can also be found at your local craft stores.

Step 2: Because it is a button, there would be the loop at the back of the button to thread it to your clothes so using a plier, we are to get rid of the ‘loop’. Do it carefully so that your button doesn’t crack.

Step 3: After that is done, file off all sharp edges as you wouldn’t want them prickling your ear-lopes when you wear them.

Step 4: Lastly, apply a generous amount of white glue at the back of the button, stick on the backing and let it dry off (this, i usually allow it to dry overnight).

And viola..


A pair of timeless glamourous and chic earrings.

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