#1 PinTucks


Credits to Google

Pink is the colour of Love and so is Spring.

#1 PinTucks

The Inspiration – None actually, all i wanted was to master the pintucks and everything else somewhat fell into place as i chose the colour palette and the collar to go with.

The Fabric – Pink has always been one of my favourite colour so it’s no wonder i was drawn to this pink floral light chiffon. Perfect for Spring/Summer!

The Look – Feminine and girly was exactly what i was looking for.


The Challenge – In my opinion i think one of the hardest thing to do was getting the calculations for the pintucks right. I had a hard time making sure the pintucks doesn’t overlap the bias for the sleeveless armhole. The fabric also posed some challenges as chiffon is so light and slippery, it’s like playing yo-yo, you need to know when to pull it taut and when to let go. On a separate note, i’m quite satisfied with how the hawaiian collar turned out.

Hawaiian Collar


All in all, i’ll definitely attempt a pintuck again. This time with more pintucks and perhaps narrower for each strip. 🙂

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